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pragmatism personified

The pragmatist

Navigating Life’s Complexities with Practical Wisdom for Accountants.

Real-world challenges. To the point. Every Friday.

Jason Robertson

“…As a business owner, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the wishy-washy fairy-land living that you see daily on social media. Every so often we all need to be brought back down to reality, and that’s exactly what The Pragmatist newsletter achieves.  The articles are extremely well-researched, and Jon’s unique perspective and writing style always give you something new to consider.…”

Dave Sellick

“… The Pragmatist is one of the only emails I genuinely look forward to receiving. In an industry where it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not when it comes to content, you can always guarantee you’re going to get no-nonsense truth from someone who knows the small business accounting scene inside out. Always enjoy checking out the recommended tune of the week as well (usually a retro banger!) :raised_hands:…”

Chris Maslin

“…Jon’s arguably in a similar position to me. Built a practice, stepped away. Since then, finding our new role in this world. It’s interesting to read his musings, many of which resonate with me. Plus he’s always been better on the tech side than me, so it’s useful to hear what new digital work tools he’s playing with, to give me some ideas!…”


Getting through each week. Together.

What’s involved?

The world is full of interesting and useful stuff often drowned out by a lot of noise. Each week we share things that have been helpful in day to day life that will help us be more productive and enjoy life a little bit more (or just make it a little bit less crap – you decide).

The Blog: Life Through the Lens of a Pragmatist – a weekly article crafted by yours truly taking you through the weird and wonderful that made me think this week

Toolbox Talk: Power Tools for Productivity – a short review or recommendation of accounting or productivity software and tools you can implement

Resultology: Studies of Success – real-life examples of how I or the community solved a particular problem or delivered exceptional value so you can to

CFO Central: Where Queries Meet Clarity – questions from the community, answered (one question per week focusing on accounting, tax or software)

Briefing Room: Regulatory Updates You Can’t Miss – a section summarising any significant changes in accounting, tax or financial compliance that will impact you

In My Earbuds, On My Screen, In My Mind: Through the Weekly Grind – wrap up of something useful or interesting heard, watched or read this week

See an example?