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With over a quarter-century of finance and accounting expertise, spanning from embryonic start-ups to PLC’s with over £100 million turnover, my journey has been as diverse as it has been enlightening.

Stuff I currently do….

While you are here take a few minutes to check out what I’m currently working on. There might be something I can help with.

Finance Projekt

Finance Projekt simplifies financial complexity with tailored accountancy software solutions for small businesses and accountancy practices. There’s hardly a challenge I haven’t encountered, a tool I haven’t evaluated, or a solution I haven’t deployed.


Accademy is a work in progress. An online resource for students, career changers, accountants, bookkeepers and employees. Inspiring the next generation of accountants and bookkeepers to be the finance professionals their clients hope they are.

Related Transactions

Related Transactions is a small bookkeeping company set up during the pandemic to keep the family occupied. The kids wanted more money and things were tight back then. What I couldn’t give in cash I could give in knowledge.

Small Business Owner Advice

Small business owner advice is a blog covering a range of accounting, tax and business articles to help small business owners get generic answers to a range of standard issues they may face in their business.

Stuff I learnt a lot from….

Not everything in life works out how you expect. The important thing is we keep learning and moving forward.


Hindsight offers continuous monitoring for your entire Xero client base. Highlight the portfolio’s struggling clients requiring your support and generate opportunities to demonstrate the value you add to their business.


What are the chances of buying an in person events booking system months before a global pandemic? We may not have sold many tickets but we did learn so many valuable lessons. Timing is everything!

Smart Team

The first and arguably most successful business venture. I was at the forefront of the digital transformation in accounting, founding and successfully exiting one of the UK’s pioneering fully digital accountancy firms.