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Pragmatism personified


dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on

practical rather than theoretical considerations

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I am curious by nature. I ask questions of myself and those around me as I want to learn, be educated and grow as a person. I shoot from the hip and wear my heart on my sleeve. My blogs reflect that.

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I’ve always worked in accountancy. I love the positive impact it can have on peoples lives when done well. I do this in a range of different ways. Perhaps I can help you as well.

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About me

I help people with their numbers some call that being an accountant – I think of it as story telling by numbers. I love spending time with family especially over a good meal and a nice cider.




Hello 👋 I am Jon Jenkins, a father of three, a husband in waiting (18 years and counting), son, brother, uncle and in my ‘spare’ time an accountant, author, and newbie blogger based in Bournemouth, blogging about accountancy, tech, family and life.

I’m also an entrepreneur having founded and folded several companies including Smart Team, Hindsight, Finance Projekt, and Related Transactions to name but a few. See the full line up.

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pragmatic accountant

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pragmatic accountant

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